Quite often homeowners undergo a series of home improvements to increase the resale value of their property if they are looking to sell at some point in the near future. While upgrades like a new kitchen, plumbing in bathrooms and some landscaping are all nice, many forget the value added by upgrading their home security system. Just as you want to protect your valuables, a new owner would want to feel secure as well. If you are in the midst of home improvements, you may want to consider upgrading your home security as well.

Check Windows on Every Level

One of the easiest ways for burglars to enter a home is through windows that are cracked or don’t shut properly. If you have an older home, chances are the windows have not been replaced since the house was built. Make sure all window frames are structurally sound, all panes of glass are crack-free and that all locking devices on windows are in working order. Don’t neglect upper floors or those smaller windows at the basement level – they are not immune to unwanted entry!

Check the Integrity of Doors and Locks

Just as you are doing a structural check on windows, you need to be extra cautious with doors and locks. It is especially important to make sure door frames are intact and that wood has not been infiltrated by termites over the years. It is quite easy to kick in a door with an unsound frame so that should be a priority, even before all those lovely updates to interior rooms. Also, if you haven’t changed your locks recently, you may want to do that as well. Click here to find a locksmith that can help you determine the best type of locks for your home.

Install a Home Security System

Do you have any type of home security system at all? If not, it’s time you think about getting one installed – especially if you live in or near a big city like London. Crime rates are higher in more populace areas so a CCTV or keypad entry would be ideal. These could be directly linked to the security monitoring company or an alarm that rings to local police, or at least loud enough for them to hear!

Add Lights to the Grounds

Adding lights around the grounds tends to serve two very important functions. In terms of security, when the grounds near the home are well lit, it makes it quite difficult for anyone to sneak up unawares. As well, if you have a security system that utilises CCTV cameras, you wouldn’t need the infra-red type to pick up night videos. These can be the more expensive option. However, you can also add ambiance to your grounds by making use of decorative LED lighting that is just as lovely as it is functional. It’s like two upgrades for the price of one!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home to add to its resale value or are simply looking to keep you and your family more secure, consider home security for the benefits it affords. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Author Bio: Johan Olers is a resident writer for vidmate apk download 9apps

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