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8 Awesome Podcasts You Should Listen To

Do you love listening to audiobooks?

What about podcasts?

Like audiobooks where you can listen to while driving, at the gym, or running an errand, you can also listen to podcasts. And what’s good about a podcast is it’s a recorded “radio show”. So you can hit reply, rewind or forward to your favorite parts.

But with hundreds and thousands of podcasts out there, which ones are worth listening to?

For starters, here are 7 podcasts you should start listening to.

Warning: Podcasts are a lot of fun and can be addicting!

Feel free to browse and research for podcasts of topics that you like. But for now, here’s a list for you to get started.

A podcast for business builders.

Funny and good marketing advice about building an online business. They have a paid community/forum where you can take their online courses such as how to build blog through a monthly subscription.

2. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn teaches how to earn through the internet. Pat Flynn was laid off from his previous job and has since then built an online business. Pat has built several niche websites regularly publishes his income report on his website.

In his podcast, he delivers episodes packed with information about online marketing.

3. Connect, Engage, Inspire: The Firepole Marketing Podcast

A lot of podcast podcasts range from 30 to 60 minute duration. Firepole Marketing episodes are only 15-20 minutes. If you’re looking for sound marketing advice and interviews that you can consume in 20 minutes, Firepole marketing is the answer.

Danny Inny is a good interviewer. He’s able to squeeze out the juice from his guests with only that short amount of time.

If you’re vegan, or looking into going vegan, No Meat Athlete is a great place to start.

Helpful resources on the blog are the roadmaps or guides for marathons for vegan marathoners.

5. Wellness Mama Podcast

Wellness Mama promotes natural living. She provides great interviews and resources from health practitioners and professionals. Be warned though. This isn’t the usual health and wellness you usually see the media promotes. In fact, in a lot of ways, Wellness Mama provides unconventional advice.

If you’re into Paleo, Primal, and natural health remedies, this podcast is perfect for you.

6. Good Life Project

This is one good podcast where you can listen to practical life advice. Jonathan Fields is an awesome host and interviewer.

Good Life Project episodes vary from 5 minutes to over an hour.

If you’re looking for an inspiring personal development podcast without the woo woo, this one’s perfect.

7. The Creative Penn

If you’re finding ways on how to market your novel, Joanna Penn’s podcast provides helpful resources and tips for fiction writers.

She records solo episodes as well as interviews from the writing industry to help authors publish and market their books.

Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt were internet marketers turned fiction authors. Together with their partner David W. Wright, they give a funny and informative podcast show. Be warned though, the hosts swear. A lot. If you’re not comfortable with that, this show isn’t probably the right one for you.

But if you love great writing tips, marketing tactics that work, this is a podcast you should listen to.

This list should help you get started. Once you dive into podcasts, you’ll get hooked.

There are hundreds and thousands of good podcasts out there. This list is a good way to start your way in discovering them.

Have fun, and happy listening!

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